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signature looks

Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve your hair transformation dreams! We've got some amazing options for you with our packaged signature looks. What sets us apart is that we tailor these services specifically for each and every guest, making sure we cater to your desired look. Sounds exciting, right? Let's make your hair dreams a reality!


girl on the go

For the girl on the go. A customized detailed face frame foil to create brightness and pop.

Includes: Custom gloss, blow-dry, style & dusting

2-2.5 hours


brunette glow

This service gives you a gorgeous dimensional brunette look without looking too dark. This service marries the perfect amount of depth on your root with brightness through to the ends.

Includes: Traditional or reverse balayage, root smudge, brightened ends, custom gloss, blow-dry, style & dusting

3-4 hours


hoh half blonding experience 

Perfect for that in between session, to brighten and refresh your look! 

Includes the sides and top of your head. Great for those looking to keep depth underneath.

Includes: Partial foil or balayage, root smudge, custom gloss, blow-dry, style & dusting.

3.5-4 hours


hoh blonding experience 

The ultimate blonde ambition! Blonde strategically placed that will give you that all over blonding you've been dreaming of. Created with your stylist technique of choice and inspiration picture in mind. Think of this as a full blonding, great for those who put their hair up or want brightness underneath. This service is also ideal for those who are wanting to go from darker to lighter.

Includes: Full foil or balayage, root smudge, brightened ends, custom gloss, blow-dry, style & dusting.

4-5 hours

root color retouch

A customized permanent color formulated just for you, to either cover sparkles (gray hair) or maintain root color.

1.5-2 hours


tonal makeover

Our tonal makeover service is the perfect way to get the perfect, customized hair color for you! We use either permanent or demi-permanent color, formulated just for you, and apply it from roots to ends. 2-2.5 hours


tonal refresh

Refresh and revive your already blonde or brunette mane with this service. A customized glaze to treat your hair until your next session. A glaze comes in various shades and used to refresh tone, cancel out any unwanted tones, add shine & condition.

1.5 hours

a la carte 


let us upgrade you!

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