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Shower Filter - Chrome

  • Helps purify shower water to be gentler on your hair, skin, and nails


    Filtered with a high concentration of 86% KDF-55 (recognized for its water-cleansing properties, AKA clean water’s BFF) that works with Calcium Sulfite to help reduce chlorine & impurities

    Doesn’t compromise your shower’s existing water pressure**, so you can still enjoy your washtime ritual

    Designed to attach to most standard US ½” (1.27cm) shower pipe threads for use with fixed, rain, and handheld shower heads.*

    *For non US customers this may require an adapter.

    Helps neutralize odors & balance water pH levels*, which may support healthier hair & skin

    Transforms your shower into the ultimate spa-like experience

    Easy-to-install, twist-on design with hassle-free filter cartridge replacement (no need to call the plumber!)

    Includes everything you need for installation: one filter, one filter cartridge, wrench & plumber’s tape

    For safe & secure installation, ensure your shower head has a weight capacity of 15 lbs.

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