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Our hand-tied extension service is a unique and intricate method for adding length and volume to your hair. Our certified stylists will attach beads to a row of your natural hair, creating a natural-looking and voluminous look that won't put excess tension on your scalp or hair. Our hand-tied extensions are perfect for those wanting a longer and fuller look without sacrificing the health of their hair.




The  prices listed are installation costs only.

Cost of the hair is separate.

beaded weft extensions

$120 per row, Most people need 2-3 rows

$60 for half row

unseen beaded weft extensions

$150 per row, Most people need 2-3 rows

$75 for half row

mini move-up (beaded weft only) $60

coloring/toning extensions  $40+

extension removal $50

What you need to know about hand-tied extensions
Extensions offer a great way to achieve glamourous volume, fullness and length that looks 100% natural. With the proper install method, very little stress is placed on the scalp or the roots, and there is no tension, tugging or damage to the natural hair. Extensions are ideal for adding length and volume without the wait of natural growth.

Extensions can offer unlimited styling possibilities without bead or track exposure, so you can wear your hair in a ponytail, bun, or upstyle without worrying about the extensions showing. Our method of application can be discreet and will not show even in fine, thin or sleek hair. They can also be appropriate for active lifestyles such as swimming and high temperatures with the proper care. We can also customize the color of the extensions to perfectly match your natural hair.

However, they do come with a few cons. The initial installation process does require a bit of an investment in terms of both time and money. Additionally, it's necessary to move up your extensions every 6-8 weeks as your hair grows out. Furthermore, regular upkeep and maintenance are essential to ensure that the hand-tied extensions continue to look their best.



Taking good care of your hand-tied hair extensions is absolutely crucial in order to keep them in the best possible condition, as well as ensuring they maintain their beautiful and healthy appearance for 6-12 months. By following these simple steps, not only will you be able to extend the lifespan of your extensions , but you'll also be able to enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Cleansing: It's important to wash your mane on a regular basis using a sulfate-free shampoo that's extension friendly. When shampooing, be sure not to scrub too hard on the wefts. Instead, concentrate on your roots and then gently squeeze the shampoo down towards your extensions. After that, follow up with a light, hydrating conditioner. Let it sit for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Prepping Damp Hair: Extensions have a tendency to soak up a LOT of water. After you've washed and conditioned, gently squeeze or pat wefts with a towel to get rid of any excess water. Let wefts air dry about 80% before finishing with a blow dryer.

Detangling and Brushing: It's crucial to give your hair some extra love and attention throughout the day. Make sure you thoroughly brush your hair, not forgetting to separate and brush through each row individually. By lifting and brushing in between the rows, you'll effectively prevent any matting.

Product Application: Keeping your locks hydrated is super important! Extensions tend to be dry, so you'll want to use a light leave-in conditioner. Not only does it make detangling easier, but it also provides protection against any potential damage. Applying an oil or serum once or twice a day on the ends of your extensions is crucial! Take good care of your investment!

Protective Styling: Creating a nighttime routine is something you'll need to implement. Before you head to bed, use 3-4 pumps of oil, starting from the midsection and working your way down to the ends. You'll want to put your hair in one or two loose braids to help prevent and friction and tangles while you sleep. Having a silk or satin pillowcase is also a must!

Headed to the beach, ocean or pool? Before swimming, wet your hair and saturate the strands with a leave-in conditioner or hair mask. Comb the conditioner through your strands and secure your hair in a braid or bun. Rinse your mane out thoroughly after your swim!

Hand-tied hair extensions do require a bit of daily upkeep, but it's actually quite manageable once you find your groove. Trust us, the extra care you put into it will definitely pay off with some seriously shiny, health, luscious hair. Book your free consultation with one of our certified stylists to see if extensions are the right fit for you!

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